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Recommended solution


       XMOS set up a bridge between different protocols, has realized the conversion between all kinds of communication protocol, break through the traditional MCU peripheral quantitative restriction
USB to serial ports  
Ethernet to serial ports  
SPI to 8 ports  
ETH to CAN  
USB to ETH  


       XMOS chip perfectly supports the USB protocol, IIS and TDM Audio data transmission interface, its mature solution of USB Audio transmission scheme can intact HiFi digital Audio data.
Up to 32 channel input/output
PCM 384khz sample rate & Native DSD 265
S/PDIF and MIDI input/output
USB support IOS Android and windows


       XMOS chip perfect to support the AVB protocol, IIS and TDM audio data transmission interface, and support the gigabit Ethernet, at present the AVB solution used in the mixer, on-board entertainment and meeting system, etc.
100M/1000M Ethernet
Up to 32x32 channel
Support daisy chain, star chain and other notwork topology structure.
The network transmission delay within 2 ms


       XMOS running the FOC arithmetic, realized serial servo motion control, at the same time, it has the EtherCAT, CAN interface, that can realize the remote intelligent control.
Control servo motions the same time
Implementation of FOC algorithm and other control command control interface(EtherCAT,
Real-time operation system, low latency